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Here are a few terms and definitions that all investigators should be aware of. Great for beginners!


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What does it all mean?

Orbs are ghostly energy manifested into a sphere like shape . Orbs are very common, and should be researched
thoroughly. Some investigators, will claim that orbs are in fact Ghosts, they are not, they are energy.
A good example of a actual orb may be of solid state, or have a distinct color to it. Clear or water like orbs, are usually not orbs
at all. Many investigators have captured orbs in motion.

Ectoplasm is not a slime based Jell-O (like on the movies!) . It is an energy that is
scattered around , giving off the appearance of a cloud ,smoke or heat . False Ectoplasm can be caused
by, cigarette smoke, warm breath on a cold winter day, heat from a fireplace or heater or even camera movement can cause
an ectoplasmic effect.

A vortex is an image of light, usually caught in movement. A false vortex can be caused by many things, camera straps,
sudden movement while taking photo, flash reflection and outside light sources. (Many Christmas lights, flashlights and mirrors
have created excellent vortex's)

The mother of all entity images. They are very rare. Most are full figured (not chubby) and resemble human forms,
a full blown apparition, you may be able to see clothing and even body parts. I have yet to see a true apparition that is clear
enough to determine facial features and fingers. Some stronger entity's may be full length, and some just half bodied.
Some say that apparitions are a combination of many spirits combined.
False apparitions can be avoided easily, never use the same roll of film twice. Double exposure.
Make sure next photo is ready to be taken, and film real is locked into place. Do not take photos in highly reflective rooms,
light can and has played many tricks to make one see an apparition on a photo or film.


EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena
Voices captured on audio, but usually not hear with the naked ear.

EMF- Electro Magnetic Field
Most Investigators testify that spirits produce a low level on energy, simliar to electricity in your home.
EMF detectors are used by EVERY investigative team.
They are a huge asset to the paranormal couuminity.