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Welcome Stephanie aka "sslem" !
We are glad to have you with us! Your hard work & dedication is appriciated! Welcome!

Tonya L.
Founder Ghouli Lead Investigator/Research
& Site Locator

Toby H.
Team Investigator

Christy & Andy S. (Thanks PICO!)
Team Investigators, Developers of

Lucille. B.
Team Investigator/ Site Locator
Welcom Lu!
*New Member*
Stephanie S.
Researcher/Team Investigator
Lead Investigator/Technical Advisor

Team Investigator
Welcome Machelle!
Robin W.
Site Locator

Click here to visit PICO Paranormal Investigators Of Central Oklahoma

GHOULI is no longer Accepting Memberships at this time.
We like to remain a small group, we all agree the less people, the better the results. We will continue to have "guest Investigators" in the future.If you are interested in GHOULI Please email us! We would love to talk to you anyway!


*All investigators will require the basic tools, this includes 35mm camera, or disposable, flashlight, tape recorder, (optional for new members)and preferably a video camera. (we are aware that these things are expensive, please get what you can, when you can) all batteries, cassettes and film will be purchased but each Team Member. GHOULI will provide "investigation" supplies.

* All members will provide their own transportation, unless you are car-pooling.
* No Smoking during an investigation. We will always have breaks during investigations
* Keep locations to yourself! Never share a location with anyone other than a GHOULI member. (privacy!)
* GHOULI is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged items on an investigation.
* GHOULI is NOT responsible for any personal accidents that may occur on a location, if you get hurt, its your own fault. (GHOULI always puts safety 1st, we would never put you in an unstable environment)
* Respect each Team Member and their personal beliefs.
* horseplay is not allowed, you will be dismissed from the Investigation, and possibly from GHOULI.
* ALL INVESTIGATORS are to sign a Release form before EVERY investigation.


Welcome Stephanie!

Andy & Christy Of PICO! Welcome!
We are looking forward to working with you both!
GHOULI appriciates you as Investigators, and we are hoping to share many future Investigations with you, so we can stay active, and investigate new locations as a team! Welcome!


We welcome John!
John joins us with a great deal of enthusiasm, he has a extensive backgound in local folklore and Oklahoma History John has many local contacts due to volunteer work in several Oklahoma City based communities.

Welcome John!

G.H.O.U.L.I will not post any personal information or list exact locations of any property owners or locations. This is to ensure the privacy and property of those who are in need of our services.

Maintaining a Professional Attitude and Investigating in small groups is just another priority of G.H.O.U.L.I.