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Campus Row

12/29/01 Central Oklahoma Campus


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We will not pursue the Campus Row Investigation because of lack of credible witnesses. Until we find substantial evidence of an actual "haunting" this location has been labeled an URBAN LEGEND by GHOULI


Several students have reported many strange things in all three of the buildings we will be investigating.
Before the dorm rooms were abandoned, it was reported to be difficult to rent the rooms out to students because of the strange occurrences.
Reports are minor, such as doors opening & closing, footsteps, shadows, electronic equipment being tampered with and full apparitions have been seen by many students. These dorms are Abandoned..........

There are many dorms in this area, some are said to be "haunted", but students still reside there, so we are not able to obtain an investigation.

It seems the paranormal activity is surrounded by the dorm rooms assigned to girls, less reports are coming from the boys dorms.

Due to the large structures of all three buildings, this investigation will take a long time to complete. All buildings have complete basements, adding on footage to be investigated. As we continue to get witness testimony and we begin history research on these buildings any information we obtain will be updated & added on to this page.

During our "walk through" of all three buildings we did not encounter any paranormal activity or strange happenings. Photos only revealed "dust orbs". And EVP's collected are still being analyzed at this time. We will be returning to this location soon, with the Help of PICO & the Campus Administrators who are assisting us with research.

We are aware that "legends" seem to linger in school halls, we are willing to find out if these reports are in fact true or local campus legends. We will keep you posted.-GHOULI

PHOTOS only revealed DUST "orbs" and No EVP was collected from this location. Nothing "paranormal" happened, when walk through was conducted, nor was the "sense" of anything paranormal being there occurred to any member of GHOULI. This site soon to be moved to Urban Legend page.

Building #1

Building # 1

Building #2

Building #2

Building #3

Building #3

Preliminary Investigation- 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
December 29th, 2001