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The Kasper House Photos

Residential Home in Oklahoma


Kasper House

Below- Here is a nice Orb In Motion captured by Tonya on the 2/3/02 investigation.

Orb in Motion

Below - Can Pets sense spirits? This photo was taken on the 1/12/02 Investigation, the dog was allowed for a short time, because its been known to play with things that are not there. What do you think?


Bedroom mist!

Here is more MIST captured on the 2/3/02 Investigation.
It is a light mist, but on a closer look , its clearly there.

*BELOW* MIST- Captured on 1/26/02 Investigation by Tonya.
This photo was many of the random shots taken at this location. The mist is close to the ceiling, and on close analization it does spread beyond the "u" shaped curve.

FUGI FinePix 100


Here is a nice Orb in motion collected by Stephanie on the 1/12/02 investigation.


  This Bright "orb" was captured while investigator Tonya was approached by a cold spot. There are many cold spots that appear in this location, usually with dramatic temperature fluctuations.

New Kasper House Video-


While setting up station in the upstairs Hall of the Kasper house, Tonya set her EMF meter down by the doorway close to one of her tape recorders the meter was knocked over and an EVP was captured.

Earlier that evening both Gauss Masters were being set off, and fluctuating up to a 4 in certain areas where meters remained stationary. As the evening progressed at this station, Tonyas meter was knocked over twice, the first time we assumed it was just knocked over by her movement and set the meter back up, after the second time it was knocked over, Tonya tried to see what was making it fall over, she tried to recreate it by shifting around and by pounding on the carpet etc. , after many failed attempts to recreate the event we turned the camera around to the meter, it did not fall for at least an hour. As we were getting ready to leave for the evening, Approximately 5 minutes later Tonya noticed the meter was knocked over again. We played the video back and we caught this RAV phenomena, Video Deviation & EVP on video.

At first glance, it appears that the meter was knocked over by the shifting of team members, but we can honestly say that is not the case. (yes, we even tried this at home)

There is a Camera abnormality while the EVP is captured, the Sony Night Shot went out of focus on this one incident, the camera was on a tripod during the entire time we were at this station.

You will hear a very High Pitched " Hey or Play"  while the camera is out of focus, then the meter gets knocked over.

NOTE: This investigation was focused on Entity Subject #1 and Entity Subject # 2. (the kiddos)


Click here to play video!


Click here to see more VIDEO!

SHADOW OF A PERSON? - Below is a photo captured by Tonya on the 2/3/032 Investigation. Notice on the armoire, to the left, there seems to be a shadow of a person standing. Notice the shadow goes all the way to the floor. What makes this picture stand out, is that the "head" of the shadow is interfering with the flash reflection in the mirror, it should go down & brighten things up all the way to the floor. An example photo is also posted to verify this claim. PLEASE ANALYZE THIS PHOTO!

Here is the face of the shadow!


Shadow's face


Flash Example



These three photos are interesting, while the team was sitting on the floor in the hallway, Tonya snapped these three photos in sequence. A FUGI FinePix Digital Camera A101 was used.
At the time, we all agreed that there was "something" lurking in the spare room.




Shaodw #2



The source of the added "darkeness" in Photo #3 is unknown. The camera was fully charged at this time, all lights were out, and no one was standing up.
The first photo is out of line with the other two, but it shows some good orbs, before the shadow moved in.