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Wilson's House


Eastern Oklahoma Residential Home- Preliminary Investigation 4/21/02

Homes History is currently being written, as with all old homes, there is a lot of history behind them.
The EVP- this one single EVP has created much attention in the investigative field, and to those who do not investigate. The EVP has been forwarded to a retired heart specialist for a medical opinion. This single EVP had generated a lot of responses and reaction from the family who is associated with this house.
At this time, GHOULI does feel that this is a true message from beyond, intended for the family of this home. The validation & recognition of the "voice" is an amazing story. The heartbeat is also holds a tremendous impact on the family, it is verifying to the story more than anyone could imagine.
It seems that this one minor EVP has raised a lot of eyebrows since its been posted. It may seem like an insignificant "noise" to some, but to those who are involved it is an amazing piece of evidence, that yes, a person can come back, and make themselves known on a personal level for the family only, not the investigative team. GHOULI is happy to have been able to help them, we will be returing soon. We are thankful the tape recorder was able to pick up this communication effort.   


There is only one EVP at this location at this time, audio is still being analyzed.
The EVP you are about to hear is very amazing. Its not the typical "heartbeat" EVP that are listed elsewhere by other teams, this heartbeat is an authentic version on the human heart. This EVP was collected on a Optimus desktop series tape recorder, while placed on a couch alone. There is a faint voice in the background , what its is saying is unknown. GHOULI has sent the EVP to some reputable sources for further analyzations.
 You decide.
Please send interpretations here :

Click to hear Heartbeat & Voice

HISTORY- The house was built in 1910 and changed hands a few times before the Johnson Family acquired it in 1956. At that time, Dr. & Mrs. Howard Johnson and their daughter, Dr. Jeanne Johnson, lived in the home. They had another daughter, Jayne, that was Jeanne's twin, but she was married and had a family and did not live in the home, however spent much time there.

Dr. Johnson was the first of the family to pass away and then Jeanne, and then Mrs. Johnson, whom the family called Granny. Among the family, the house is known as "Granny's House". Several of the family members claim to have heard and seen things in the house that cannot be explained.

In 1996, Jayne's step-granddaughter and her family moved into the home. There were several instances where someone was seen walking by on the upstairs landing, but when you went to look, there was never anyone there. When the family first moved in, they heard doors banging and such coming from upstairs quite frequently, then after a while it stopped. Footsteps were sometimes heard over the baby monitor and there was never anyone there when that was checked out.

The most interesting story is as follows: an 18 month old child was sitting on the bed in her room, which was formerly Jeanne's room. Keep in mind that Jeanne had passed away long before. She suddenly looked up at the doorway and said, "Hi, Nana Jayne," as if someone had just walked into the room. There was no one there. But Jeanne and Jayne were identical twins and if the child had seen Jeanne, she would assume it was Jayne, not knowing any different. Another time the same child, a couple of years later, woke up in the night claiming that someone had sat on her bed and woke her up and she didn't want to sleep in there anymore.

There has been sobbing heard on a couple of different occasions, and of course, when it was checked out, nothing could be found. Later it was learned that Jeanne had had a fiancÚ that had been killed in a car accident and she had spent a significant amount of time sobbing over him. For a period of about a year the house has been unoccupied and is having work done. While a relative of the former occupant was in the house doing some repair work, he claims to have heard noises and voices upstairs. One evening, the mother of the former occupant had gone there to get something out of the house and she heard banging upstairs and yelled, "It's just me - I'll be gone in a minute," at which time the banging stopped.


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