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"Faith is Daring to the soul, Go beyond what the eyes can see"


GHOULI is a paranormal investigative team based in the Oklahoma City area. We pride ourselves in conducting and fully documenting potential paranormal occurrences, while retaining a skeptical outlook, in order to achieve the most accurate results. GHOULI is a nonprofit organization, all time and expenses for investigations and cases are paid for by team members. The members of this team share a common bond, that of investigating the unknown with an open mind. All GHOULI members are dedicated to collecting scientific evidence of all aspects of paranormal activity. GHOULI also investigates and researches Local Urban Legends and Folklore. GHOULI currently  is focusing on EVP and the impact it has on the paranormal coumminty. Our focus has not lead us away from our investigative protocol, but has taught us that there is more to an investigation than just pictures, EMF readings & video. We truely are enjoying the common sense approach to investigating, we feel our efforts are complimenting the paranormal community & investigative field.

GHOULI strongly feels there is no room for competition in the investigative field. We feel that exchanging ideas and techniques will benefit everyone interested or involved in the investigative circuit. GHOULI abides by a strict  protocol , we assure that the clients that investigations are conducted upon are  in an honest, dignified manner. If you are in need of an Investigation, or just need advice, please contact us GHOULI

NOTE: GHOULI does not condone the use of psychics, oujia or any other alternative or subjective route of  paranormal investigating. We will only report what we witness and only claim what we feel is truely unexplainable.

Privacy is #1 with GHOULI, we will not share or post detailed location information about any investigations we conduct.
If you are in need of an Investigation, please contact us. All information and location directions have been altered for the protection of the property owners. Unless Otherwise requested.

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GHOULI awards those who are focused on paranormal investigating. We do not send awards for links tags or publicity. If you are a strong team, and would like some recognition , please contact us. We will review your evidence & investigative standards. Always remember, GHOULI appriciates & respect those who have an alternative method of investigating. Notice: Please, No  psyhic based teams or oujia board fanatics need to apply. --  GHOULI

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"The Ghost Whisperers" Coming Soon,
This site will offer Information about EVP & how to collect it. This site will offer articles, tips & techniques from Successful EVP collectors from across the nation.  If you have any information you would like to share, or if you would like to become an Online Member of "The Ghost Whisperers", please contact us. - TLewis 

NOTE: Graphics, Photos, Video & EVP are all owned & designed by Tlewis @ ,

Do not use any posted material unless authorized or without expressed permission by GHOULI.

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