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EVP's - Electronic Voice Phenomena


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This site features a library of all EVP collected by the GHOULI Team.
Turn up your volume & feel free to offer an interpretation or opinion!

G.H.O.U.L.I - Presents "The Ghost Whisperers", we currently are dedicating our research to independent EVP exploration. We have been successful with collecting audible "ghost voices" while on locations. This page will be dedicated to our findings, research and EVP that has been collected by GHOULI team members.  
Electronic Voice Phenomena are radio frequency signals that inadvertantly find their way into your recordings by way of
cross-modulation, atmospheric refraction or indirect rectification.

GHOULI invites everyone analyze these EVP's, GHOULI respects & values all interpretations & opinions!

Indian Boarding School EVP collected by Stephanie, you can hear Tonya asking "Can you knock on the wall?" then you will hear the child-like EVP. We think its saying "I think I can", please analyze this & share your thoughts!

Collected at Armory during Bating Session By Stephanie: you can hear the Baiting sound, then you will hear a child voice "Yell something" We are not sure of what its saying.

Collected @ Boarding School , its very clear what it says.

Unkown voice at Boarding school, If you can figure this out, please let us know!

You will hear PICO member say, "Can I take your picture?" then you will hear the EVP


Rsdiential- Who moved the doll

Two EVP - "Hi" & "Hi"

Male voice @ Guthrey House

Hiding Place


Oh sure

Me too