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Ghosts Haunts of Oklahoma & Urban Legends Investigators


Business Owners!
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Business Owners!

Need a boost in your customer base?
let us help!

Want to increase sales and add local charm to your business? We can help!

GHOULI is proud to offer Investigative Services to Business Owners/Operators who are in need of our service.
GHOULI is a NON-Profit Organization, all Investigations are done solely on personal interest in paranormal activity.
We do ask that all investigations are done before or after business hours.
GHOULI will certify that your place of business is "Authentically Haunted" from the GHOULI organization.
This certificate adds charm to any entry way of your business. It will increase sales by pure curiosity and word of mouth.
If you are interested in your Establishment undergoing a Full Investigation, please contact any of the GHOULI Investigators.
Thank you, and we are looking forward to serving you soon.