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G.H.O.U.L.I Is Proud to research and Investigate some of Oklahoma's Urban Legends. It seems that a lot of people confuse an Urban Legend with an actual "haunting". I love hearing about Urban Legends, and I personally have done a bit of research on them, simply because its a part of Oklahomas Heritage. If you have a Urban Legend, I will look it up for you! Remember, Our children and grandchildren (one day) will love these stories, what will you pass on? ----Tonya




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***** Carry's Place*****

There is a legend in Oklahoma City, about a 5 year old girl that was murderd. Close to OCCCU Campus.

This took place around the 1970's. The little girl was supposedly murdered by her step-father.

Her body was chopped into peices, and buried throughout her neigborhood.

The neighborhood is still there today, it is a small alley among many streets. The house is gated, but the eerie sense of death is permantley attached to that neighborhhod.

Her head was said to be buried under a swing attached to a big old Oak tree in the back yard, and if you went there at night, even on a windless night, the swing would be swinging back and forth and laughter from a lonely little girl playing can be heard at times. The Driveway to the house is also painted red, this is to remind everyone of the blood-shed that occured .

Visions of the child have been reported wandering around in the streets, alone and looking for her family.

Gravity Hill Ardmore, Oklahoma

There is a story about a hill in Ardmore Oklahoma where a girl of about 16, that was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. The legend tells the story of how she died and how her abductors did it. The legend says to park your car on the white line that is spray-painted on the road. After you park your car there turn off the ignition and put the car in neutral. After doing so the legend says you must step out of your car. Then you will see you car being moved up hill. It is said that the girl is pushing the car away from that site for fear that the same thing that happened to her will happened to you. The legend also says that if you put baby powder on the back of the car you will see two hand prints where someone's hands would have been if they were trying to push the car.

I have also heard this same Legend in a different light.
The Legend I heard was that a school bus was hit by an oncoming train and all the children died in the accident. The rumor is that if you park on the tracks, you will be pushed uphill off the tracks to safety. I also heard the baby powder theory. We will be investigating this Urban Legend soon. We will keep you posted.
Investigative Team Member *Tlewis
What do you think? Do you have a similar story? Visit our Discussion Page!

Cry Baby Bridge:
(Newcastle/Tuttle Oklahoma &

The story goes a little like this. Before Seat Belts were put into automobiles many mothers would lay their child down in the front seat for a ride.

The legend is that a woman and her infant were crossing the bridge and she lost control of the car.
The baby was never to be found its rumored that it was washed down the river.
There are reports that if you sit quietly at this bridge, you can hear a baby crying, and if you are lucky
You will capture a glimpse of the distraught mother who forever is looking for her child.

I have surfed the net, and it took me about 10 seconds to hit about 20 other cry baby stories.
Apparently this has happened in almost every state and town in the US.

This is a wonderful Legend, I hope it continues to Linger in our State. Even though it may not be true, it would be fun to camp out and try to hear the baby cry and maybe catch a peek at the mother.

-G.H.O.U.L.I. *Tonya


The Face in the Mirror
Looking at Bloody Mary, Mary Worth and Other Variants of a Modern Legend

About 100 years ago or so there was a woman named Mary. One day she had a terrible accident and her face was scratched so badly that she bled to death. But her spirit could not rest. Bloody Mary roams the world as an evil ghost. If you stand in front of a mirror in the dark and say her name three times, you will see her horribly mangled face appear. If you don't turn on the light and run away as fast as you can she will try to scratch your face off.

The story of the ghost who appears in a mirror when summoned has been told many times in countless variations. Children, following the directions provided in the version they heard, have been trying to contact Bloody Mary for at least 30 years now, perhaps for much longer than that. There's something about the story that makes it almost a tradition at slumber parties and summer camp, or basically anywhere a group of youngsters get together away from the watchful eyes of adults.

How many different versions of the story are there? Why are there so many? Is there any way to know what the original story was? Why do some people believe they have actually seen Bloody Mary? And what is the fascination in actually trying to summon up an evil spirit?

In an attempt to answer some of these questions, I have compared 100 different versions of the legend and others that seemed closely related. The stories were collected personally from individuals who were raised in various parts of the United States and also from postings in Internet newsgroups over the last six years. The newsgroup postings were written by people of various ages from across the country and also Great Britain. I do not think any one geographic area or age has been over represented, except for the fact that the stories are overwhelmingly from an English-speaking background within the last 30 years.

There was a wide range of rituals used to summon the spirit, as well as vast differences in opinion on who she was and why she appeared. About the only constant element was that a mirror was used in the ritual, and even that was not present in all the versions. Of course, without the mirror, it becomes difficult to know if a story is related to the Bloody Mary legend or not, except in cases where the name or some other identifying element was included.

Who is She?

Folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand, best known for popularizing the term "urban legend," titled this story "I Believe in Mary Worth." Folklorist Janet Langlois wrote an essay about the ritual that was published in 1978, after interviewing Catholic school students about the spirit they called Mary Whales.

Of the 100 versions I collected, the name Bloody Mary was by far the most prevalent, appearing about 50 percent of the time (47 of the accounts). Of course, "Bloody Mary" is more of a description than a name, so it's possible that the term could have been chanted in the ritual to summon the ghost while believing her real name to be something else.......................(keep reading, click on the link!)


Oklahoma's Goat Man! southwest Ok at the edge of a small town. A creek runs by the
property and overgrown fields lie between us and the town. One night 2
tears ago, my 13 year-old grandson and his friend were coming down the
long road from town. They heard a noise behind them and turned in time
to see a figure with long hair covering it's body and running upright on
cloved feet. They ran home scared to death, and wouldn't go outside at
night alone for several months"

Oklahoma Goat Man! Check it out!

Do you beleive it?