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Old Farm House Photos

GHOULI's Favorite Farm House!

Here are a few Photos from our 8-5-01 Investigation.


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The above Picture was taken in the Basement outside of the house. There have been reports of "mist" in this area.


Here is the outside of the house.


This is the East Bedroom. Where Children have been heard playing and stomping around the room. Notice there is a vauge shadow lingering above the bed, by the vaulted ceiling.

A sailboat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here is the storage room. As you can see in the mid-left hand corner, there is a shadow above the matress. We heard a noise in this area, like something brushed up against the christmas tree. We took several photos of this area, and on video. Only This photo shows a shadow in the corner. The residents of the home stated that this room is where the adult ghost "harvey" is the most active.

Please feel free to analyze these photos.
We are always open to the skeptics opinion.