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Old Farm House Investigation


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We will be returning to the Old Farm House this Spring, more strange occurances have been reported.

Haunted Farm House

On 8-4-2001
An investigation of an old farm house w/ 40 acres about 30 miles out of Oklahoma City was conducted by T.Lewis & T.Hacker on August 4th, 2001.

The Report/Story:
The residents of the house have lived there for 26 years. And have always had a feeling that they were not alone in the house. The residents speak of the many "spirits" that reside in the house and on the surrounding land.
The residents reported a man walking around the upstairs level of the home, no one lives in the house but the two people.
The sound of footsteps upstairs happens very often, while we were there, we did not hear them.
The residence have named the "ghost" and are very open in sharing all the encounters they have had. Objects in the home, have reported to move around, like rocking chairs and other items. One resident has reported rotating "cold spots" that move around, they are never in the same place.
It seems that the "ghosts" are harmless, and has never done anything to harm the residents or their children while they lived at home a few years ago.
There are reports of bursts of air going through the living room, while residents are sitting and watching television.
One resident refuses to go to the upper level of the house because of the ghosts. There are also reports of sounds of children playing in the upstairs bedroom (now a storage room) The residents are awaken often of the sounds of children playing about on the upper level of the house.
Another frequent happening is outside the house, about 300 feet from the house. There is an old barn where the residents keep horses. They resident has witnessed many times his horses are being moved from the barn to the pasture on their own. It seems they are being lead back and forth by an unknown source. They also report that the horses harness has been put on and removed after the moving from one location to the other.

T.Lewis was able to do a small amount of research on the area. At one time, the 4 corner road that the house presides on was once a make ready town. It was recorded that there was a combined church and school house across from where the house is. It is rumored that the house was actually built where a tavern once was. It was a miniature hot spot for locals back in the late 1800's to early 1900's.
All the original building have been destroyed either by fire, or by age.
We have found that a Wagon Train once ran right through the land in which we investigated.
It seems the Indian Natives were known to steal horses, and burn the wagons of the settlers heading East.
There may have been a lot of bloodshed on that land, but nothing has been historically documented for that location.

We arrived at the house approximately 20:00 (8pm)
We spoke with the owners of the home for a few minutes.
We got some history of the house, and seen photos of the home before its renovation in the 1970's.
We set up, and started to record while we were talking about the house, and getting the paranormal accusations from the owners. We proceeded to the upstairs area, where the most activity has been witnessed. One of the residents stayed downstairs, they refuse to go upstairs.
As we entered the stair case, that turned left into the top of the stairs, we (t.lewis & t. hacker) were both overwhelmed by a strong presence like sensation. We began immediately taking photographs in the stair way.
We got to the top of the stairs, and the resident walked us through to the now sewing room on the left (south). We continued to photograph every where.
We proceeded to the main bedroom (east where it is a guest room. The presence of something was strong in that room, but not as bad as the stairway.
We proceeded to the Storage room (South) and we all felt we were not alone in that room. Tlewis actually walked out, to take a breath, and returned to the room. It was an active room, we felt, and the resident informed us that there were a lot of noises coming from that room. Tlewis heard a noise in the Southeast corner of the room, we proceeded to film, and take many photos.
We finished up after a while in the upstairs part. Trying to talk to the "ghosts", to get them active. But we witnessed nothing, we politely walked back down the stairs.
We proceeded to the outside barn where the horses were reported to have been moved from time to time, and quite often. It was extremely dark. Because of the darkness video surveillance was difficult. We were able to take many flash photos or the area. We did not witness anything.

We did not actually witness any paranormal activity while we were at the residence. But, we strongly agree that the house has a feeling that there is something other that the residents residing at the house, and on the property.
In our opinion, we feel that there is enough witness testimony that the house has paranormal activity, and we feel that it needs further an extensive investigation per the residents request.


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