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Real Ghost Stories From Oklahoma......


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As I was growing up in Oklahoma I was told stories of
my family heritage. Yes I grew up learning the family
tree and learning all the things that go with being
Scotch/Irish. One of my best friends growing up was
Scottish as well and by his last name there was no
mistaking it. this is more his story than mine.
We had to be in Junior high and I was staying the
night at my friends. Admittedly we had snuck out of
the house and participated in some shall we say
unsavory activities. It was very late and we snuck
back in. I was staying in a guest room down the hall
from my friends room. I was quite tired from our
evening and I went straight to bed. My friend also
went straight to his room and went to bed. Not too
long after we had turned in I heard a strange noise.
Truth be told I thought it was a peacock. It was very
much like a woman screaming and at first my blood
chilled and he hairs on my arms and neck stood on end.
convincing myself that it was a peacock I drifted off
back to sleep. The next thiing I know I am being
jolted awake. My friend is in the room shaking me and
yelling my name. I turned on the light and see that
he is ashen and visibly shaken. I told him that he
looked like he had seen a ghost and then asked what
was wrong. he kind of looked at my with a very
confused look and told me that a banshee had been to
his house. Now I was the confused one, sure I had
seen Darby O'Gill and the little people but I was
really lost now. Asking him to repeat what he had
just said he told me the story.
"I was laying in my bed when I heard a noise" he said,
"The next thing I know I hear this awful wailing and
it is getting louder and louder!" "I thought one of
the animals had gotten hurt so I was looking out the
window when I saw what I thougth was an old lady over
by the pond." he started talking faster now "she saw
me from there and started coming towards me!" He was
almost crying at this point. I ran back to my bed and
dove under my covers, but it just got louder and
louder." the next thing I know I can feel something
in my room!! "I peeked out from under the covers and
while I could hear the noise I could not see anything,
then suddenly I could!!! she came through the wall
and looked right at me and then held out her hand as
if beckoning me!!!" He was very excited and pretty
close to hysteria at this point but you could tell he
totally believed his story. He had just lived this
experience. "The next thing I know I was looking at
my crucifix on the wall and it all stopped!" "When I
thought it was gone I ran down here to you!"
I really didnt know what to say, sure I knew the
legend of the banshee but how do you calm someone down
after that? Well we chit-chatted for a bit and then
the phone rang, the next thing you know his father
came to the room and tapped on the door. My friends
uncle had just passed away in an accident. Was it
real? did he imagine it? Was it really a Banshee
moaning for a lost relative? I guess you have to
decide for yourself...........- Cappytan

By- Cappytan

Sometime around the turn of the century White Rock
Lake was quite the posh area. Dallas was growing
rapidly and this area was where the people played. It
was in a fabulous park area and this lake which covers
several acres had many activities. There were
walkways around the lake and shops to buy things to
eat. Many a couple would rent a boat and go out on
the lake and just spend the afternoon. Well the night
life was not to be left out either. This lake had
boats that would go around the lake and they had bnads
on board and the people would just have a great time
making a night of it. Well it was on a night like
this that a young couple got into a disagreement. The
argument got reather heated between the two and as the
boat was coming to dock the young lady leapt off the
boat and ran to her car. She got in her car and sped
off down the road. The roads are kind of tricky
around this part and at night it is even worse. What
is currently Garland ave and Gaston ave is where she
lost control of the car and she plunged into the lake.
She never made it out of the car. Later the next day
they were able to pull the car out of the lake and her
body was still in the car.
On certain nights for many years people reported
seeing a lady dressed in white gown that was totally
soaked. She would be walking down the road dressed
for a nice party. Most people would stop and offer
her a ride. Quietly she would accept a ride climbing
in to the passenger seat or in the back seat. As the
driver would pull away she would give them an address.
the address is one of the older parts of Dallas and
definately one of the nicer parts of town. She would
sit there quietly and then as they would near the
house the driver would look up and the passenger would
be gone, leaving behind a puddle as evidence she was
there. Sometimes she would actually go up to the
house and then vanish at the door leaving behind a
puddle at the door.
On at least one occassion a bewildered driver
continued on to the house only to ring the bell and
find out that yes a young lady had lived at the house
only to find out that she had died in the lake years
before. Why is she going to the house? Is it to tell
her family where she is? Is she still trying to get
home? No one really knows but if you are driving
along in East Dallas one night and an attractive young
lady in a white evening dress is walking along. You
might think twice before giving her a ride.- Cappytan

*Ol'Doc Littles Pond*

I was about 8 years old, a middle child of four, two
brothers and one sister.
My father was a butcher at a local meat plant, but an avid
fisherman and hunter back in those days.
My father always spoke of a farm pond about 40 miles outside
of the city limits, close to a little town where he had
grown up as a kid.
My oldest brother went to the pond a few times with my dad,
and always came back with a scary story about Doc Littels Pond. One weekend, for
no particular reason, my whole
family decided to take an overnight fishing trip and camp
out to Doc Littles pond. I was excited, I wanted so bad to investigate the
stories my brother shared with me about the pond, and the
old farm house that was a about a hundred feet from the
Shortly after we arrived, the first place all of us
ran to was the old house, I stopped to stare at it about
ten feet away from it. It was, gutted out and dangerous
looking. The house was a two story house, but the back half
of the top floor was missing. I seen the cow tracks leading
to the house. As I watched the rest of my brothers and
sisters stop on the front porch, I ran up to join them.
I remember it like it was yesterday, the cold eerie feeling
I got when I reached that front step.
We all just got close together, as we proceeded to walk in
the house. There were no doors or windows, there was
nothing in the house at all. The first thing I seen when we
entered was the stair case, leading up to the second floor.
My siblings began to run about the house, but I was drawn
to the stairs, I finally got the nerve to go up them, as I
was going towards the top I heard whispers, and a lot of them!
Then I began to hear a faint sound, it was music, now that
I am older, I would place the music to the 1940's Big Band.
I continued to go up the stairs, in the
meantime hushing my sister and brother, so I could hear.

As I reached the top of the stairs, the music got louder,
and I could hear dishes clanking, like it was dinner time,
and like a large group of people were using forks, knives,
spoons and tea cups. It was getting louder with ever step I
took. I yelled for my sibling to come up and listen, then I
realized they had ran out of the house already. I heard my
sister scream, I looked down, on to the front porch, she
had fell through the old wood planks on the porch. I didn't
run down like I should have, I just kept looking upstairs,
and listening to the party going on. The whispers became
clearer, I could hear voices, I swear they were saying my
name. I finally took a few more steps off that top stair, I
looked into the room that was to my left, and I seen three
women, and two very distinguished men, having tea, and
laughing. One woman turn to look at me, and then I heard a
loud smash, like a giant glass plate had been dropped on
the floor, as I looked to see what it was, a man started to
approach me, shaking his finger, and saying "go away little girl!"
I turned around and ran down the stairs as fast as I
could. I probably jumped half of them, as I got to the
porch, I seen my siblings getting my sister out of the
fallen porch, she was okay, just a minor cut on her thigh.

I ran all the way back to camp, and told my parents, they
laughed. When my sibling arrived, I asked them why they
left me in there alone, and they told me a man in a tuxedo
jumped out from a wall, and had his hand raised to them,
like he was going to hit or spank them.
We didn't return to that house at all the rest of the fishing
trip. My mom and dad walked to it, they found nothing but some cow
patties and an old tea spoon in the front porch where my
sister had fell.
Ol' doc Littles pond is dried up now, and the house burnt down
in the early 1990's.
I dont recommend crashing ghost parties to anyone,
especially at Ol'Doc Littles Pond.

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