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Always look forward in life........

The only time you should look back is when you think someone or something may be behind you!

News!   GHOULI has been busy! !  Several media pojects in the making, soon to be announced.
GHOULI is proud to team up with several fellow Oklahoma Teams, including the BoogeymanChasers. Dont let the name fool you, this team is what this field needs!  Skeptisicm with a healthy dose of reality!
We will be working on several projects with this team, and our findings will soon be made public. So stay tuned! It will be well worth the wait!
2003- Well, its almost gone!  We have a lot of video that will be posted on the new website along with several new investigations & locations. GHOULI went to the east coast this year, and was able to work with a few wonderul & non-psychic based teams in the USA. Its nice to see that there are still teams out there who have not "crossed over".
VMP- Well, this will be announced soon, very soon.........
To all our Affiliates and new affiliates, we are looking forward to working with you all again soon. 

Classified Ads

GHOULI will Investigate your Bed & Breakfast,Hotel or Resturant. We will require creditble witnesses to "paranormal activity" at all locations.

Need a Ghost Photo analyzed? (free) send them here! All information will be sent directly back to photo owner, GHOULI will not post photos or keep them. Confidential!

Do you have a GHost Story or Urban Legend you would like to share? Share your experiances with us, we can help!

GHOULI is a non-profit organization, if you are in need of assistance in your haunted home or business, please contact us. GHOULI will not share or post any information unless requested by the owner. If you need help determining if your property is "haunted", we can help. CLick here to discuss your situation. (Please do not use message boards)

Visit our Discussion Page, tell us what you think!