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Misc. EVP

EVP- This EVP was collected by Stephanie.
These are AMAZING EVP's! Great work!

This was collected during the initial walk through the property. You can hear us talking about the house, then you will hear a "Childs Voice". It very loud, and rather startling find to us.

This EVP was also collected on Tonya's video camera, it is not as loud as on Stephanie's recorder, but its another source we use, #2 of "Me too, why not" will be posted soon.

We feel this may be the same child like entity as the above EVP. We are discussing the house and basement area during the walk through.

This EVP ws captured in one of the childrens rooms, we were getting tri-field meter activity in this room, before the EVP we are talking about all the "activity" with the meter, You will hear the woman say "children" as if she's scolding them for playing with us.

We are conducting a communication session when this EVP was collected. You can hear us say "did this used to be your hiding place?" you will hear the child voice say "hiding place"

You can hear the home owner ask about getting pushed down the stairs, you will hear the EVP, its out of context with the coversation, if anyone has another interpretation, please share. It sounds like "to a cup".