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Historical Armory


S. Oklahoma Armory- Built in 1929 Dedicated in 1936.

E.V.P - Electronic Voice Phenomena

"Baiting Laugh Female"

This EVP was collected at the Armory during one of many Audio Baiting Sessions. You will hear 1930's music playing in the background, then you will hear the female "laugh".

"Yes I would"

This EVP was collected during an Audio Baiting Session, we were playing period music, the entity is giving a great example of reaction experimentation during audio baiting.

Its kind of ya"

This EVP is a classic responsive reaction.
The female entity seemed to be please to have us visiting.

I'll try to kick the ball"

This statement  is another great example of responsive reaction EVP.
It is obvious that he has intentions of kicking the ball. For the record, the ball was not moved. (this time around)

"Blue Dot"

This is a Random EVP, it is out of context with anything the team was discussing at the time. Some random EVP are signs of residual entity's.
Note: Blue Dot is the Military Code word for Naval Police.


This EVP was collected through a daytime walk through of the Armory.
A few moments earlier, the question "What is your name" was asked.
It took some time for the response, but it a great example of daytime EVP, you dont have to be in the dark to collect EVP.

"Just leave me alone"

This EVP is another example of responsive reacation.
The entire time we were in this location, we assumed the person in the room was a male. Its clear she was annoyed with our questions.
This is a faint EVP, so you may need to increase your volume to hear it.

"Buy Bonds Now"

Another random EVP, we have yet to collect this voice again.
Because the comment is out of context with conversations, we are convinced this may be one of the many residual ghosts that are at this location.

"I am so close to the woman...."

This EVP is simply chilling. There was only one female in the location at the time this EVP was collected. This EVP is the result of the male entity that resides in the Armory Basement.



"Nothing II"

Here are two EVP, they are the same EVP, but were recorded on two seperate devices.
Nothing #1  Was recorded with a standard Optimus Tape Recorder with Enternal Micrphone. You will hear the investigator ask what he see's, you will hear the reply "Nothing".
Nothing #2 Was recorded on the Sony Night Shot video Camera. The camera was approximatley 5 feet away from the Optimus tape recorder. The Night Shots version is much clearer, we feel the male entity was closer to the video camera at the time.
Note: We had a strobe light on for about 5 min, you can hear the clicking of the light on the Night Shot's version of the EVP.