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Your source for useful and practical ghost hunting information. If you would like to add information, just contact us! We are more than happy to share the knowledge and opinions!


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*It's the Little Things that count*

There are a few things to consider while on an Investigation. It may seem petty and unimportant. But Keep these things in mind while on location! It may explain it all one day!

*It all makes SCENTS*
While on investigations, some of us have witnessed the sites, sounds and SMELLS of potential paranormal activity. Here are a few things to remember, that can contaminate your evidence.

*do not wear perfume, cologne or heavily scented oils or powders.

* Heat activated products- this includes shampoo, conditioners and or course, DEODORANT. As your body heat rises, so does the scent. Some have reported spontaneous whiffs of baby powder and musk. We now understand why. As adrenaline kicks in, so does your body heat.

*squeaky shoes- yep, just the right squeak can sound like "help" or "me" on your EVP collection.

*What was that?*
* Speak up- its easy to whisper, while looking at something strange, dont do it. If you cant speak loud, dont speak at all.

* Admit it- if you kick or smash something or if your bodily functions make a nose, admit it! A hungry stomach can sound like Satan himself is trying to communicate with you! Especially if your holding the tape recorder.

* Shut Up -Too much talking at the same time can produce unwanted echo's and sound relays therefore getting false EVP's. One at a time please!


* Loose your Manners- If someone sneezes, drop the manners, let the spirits say the "bless you".


* Be polite- The last thing you want to do is make an unknown source angry at you. Ask first if you can take a picture of them. Announce yourself while walking into a room, remember, you can startle a spirits just as much as they can startle you. Thank them for letting you invade their space. Tell them "hello" and "goodbye" when entering & leaving a location. And try not to curse, you dont know who may be listening.


* Talk about your feelings- (not what it seems) While working with a team, one should never fear persecutions form other team members. If you are sensing anything, tell someone. If you have a "gut feeling" to step into a certain room, speak up. The human body is the best tool on the market, no credit required!

If you would like to add more to this list, just let us know, we will post it!
Remember that the little things in life DO matter!

By-Tonya L.

So are ghosts seen as they really are?

The conscious spirits are not.... That may be why photographs that have been taken of paranormal energy show balls of light (orbs), globes, shadows and strange mists. These photos probably show spirits as they really are, or the energy surrounding them, if they are not strong enough to produce the desired apparition.
Residual Ghosts? Most common of apparition like impressions usually seen wearing clothing because they are not conscious spirits, merely an imprint left behind or suffer the stuck in time syndrome.
Conscious spirits will sometimes appear in clothing because the people who are sensitive enough to see them can see the spirit as it once was. The spirit is "making contact" with that person and the witness is seeing the ghosts how it still sees itself... human-like and wearing the clothing they wore in life. But it is rare to the not so sensitive ghost hunter or witness.
Other common spectrums are dark or light shadows; some may be resemble a human shape if you are lucky. But shadows are usually smaller than a human form, and are very cloudy in texture, making it hard to capture on film, because they are usually seen moving. Flash photography will make it difficult to capture a shadow on film.
Orbs are everywhere there is energy, anyone telling you a translucent ball of light is a ghost, is very much misinformed. If you are supportive of orbs, go to an automotive store, take a photo of the battery displays, I am sure in at least one of your photos, you will capture orbs, not ghosts. - Just a Theory!!!

Basic thoughts!

Ghosts are crafty in manipulating our physical environment.
We know that they can create cold and hot spots, generate odors and manifest themselves in many visible forms. Also, ghosts have been found to create Electro-magnetic fields (EMF's.)
And have been known to communicate through EVP's.

Today, Investigators are getting wise to how ghosts exists, and why. So, its a matter of time, before this Paranormal Realm is exposed, thats why we are here!
Happy Investigating!

Ever wonder???

No one can deny that computers and electronics have forever changed our way of life. There are electronic controls and computer chips in everything from the small appliances that toast our bread to the cars we drive, and make possible myriad forms of new entertainment, from VCRs and DVDs to video games.
And now some people are claiming that some of this gadgetry can be useful in a quite unexpected way: to contact the dead... or at least allow the dead to contact us.
Obviously, these claims are highly controversial. They make many assumptions: that there is life after death, that the dead is willing to contact us, and that they have the means by which to do so. Assuming all that, many people experimenting with electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental trans-communication (ITC) say they have received messages from "the other side" through tape recorders, VCRs, televisions, telephones, and even computers. It seems we may no longer need Ouija boards, psychics, and mediums to contact dear deceased Uncle Harold... just turn on the VCR instead. Yes, even spiritualism has entered the electronic age.
These phenomena have manifested themselves since the appearance of the instruments themselves. EVP, for example, has been reported for well over 30 years: unexplained voices heard faintly on magnetic recording tape. It's said that even Thomas Edison experimented with devices for spirit communication. Investigators around the world are trying to get to the bottom of EVP and ITC, endeavoring to explain, in one way or another, how these voices are encoded on audio tape, how unexplained images appear on video tape and TV screens, where phantom phone calls come from, and how computers can relay messages from "the beyond."