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GHOULI Team Members

GHOULI would like to welcome our newest members, Tammy, Russell, Jeff, Mike & Kelly!
Without our teams diverse tactics & original thoughts, GHOULI would be just another "ghost group" on the web. Thanks to you all, and the difference that you make! And once again, YOU ROCK! - T.hacker

G.H.O.U.L.I. is not a club or sponsored group, all members work as a team on all aspects of investigating. All members donate time, money & energy into investigating the "Paranormal Realm".

On the GHOULI site you will not see any member out rank another, we are a Team.

GHOULI will only Post True & Authentic findings that we ourselves have collected while on location. All data posted on this site has been screened & analyzed many times and we will attempt to recreate the occurrence to avoid posting false claims, we will find the source, if we cant we will then post our findings.

GHOULI will not work with "psychics" while on location; most of the time comments or "visions" are hearsay and can not be posted as factual phenomena. They are indeed great for some teams, but we choose not to utilize psychics or other alternative methods of investigating.

GHOULI is always looking for dedicated team members.

We do like to keep our team to a minimum, we strongly feel that it keeps the doors to contamination closed. There is a difference between the ghost "enthusiast" and the "investigator", what are you?

GHOULI uses scientific methods of data collection on all investigations. We do not provoke or disrespect those we seek. We are not "ghost busters"; we do not do clearings or anything of that nature. Our goal is to collect evidence only; we leave the final decisions & interpretations up to property owners. If you need assistance, or if you have any questions, feel free to contacts us at any time. Original thoughts, ideas and opinions are always accepted with GHOULI.


Are you in need of an Investigation?
G.H.O.U.L.I. is a non-profit organization.
We offer our services  by appointment only.
If you are experiencing any paranormal activity in your home or property and you are in need of assistance, please contact us. If you are aware of a property that has current paranormal activity please contact us.

Click here to contact GHOULI- We will respond personally to your email as soon as we can! This is a busy time for us, so please be patient, and dont feel bad about emailing us again!


Tonya -Founder of GHOULI & The Ghost Whisperers(c)

Stephanie- GHOULI Team member

Tammy- GHOULI Rep Northern Oklahoma
& Founder of EERIE OKLAHOMA (Great site!)

Russell -GHOULI's own Culture & History guru!
Welcome Russell! Glad to have you aboard!

Jeff- GHOULI's Location & historical specialists!
Jeff is a great assett to GHOULI & the Eastern Oklahoma research/investigative specialist

MIKE- Lead Investigator
Founder of Oklahoma Ghost Patrol (great site!)

KELLY- GHOULI Investigator
Oklahoma Ghost Patrol Co-Founder!!

Melissa - GHOULI Team Member

Debbie - GHOULI Team Member

Lucille - GHOULI Team Member

Tracy - GHOULI Team Member

Toby - GHOULI Team Member