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Boarding School

GHOULI will be returning to the Boarding School

Girls Dorm Roooms

Captured in Dorm room

Orbs Captured During Heavy Bandaide Smell

Orb Setting Off Tri-Field Meter

Orb 2


Boys Dorm Rooms

NEW EVP & SSP! 6-25-02

We will not attempt to translate these EVP's. At this location, we feel the language is not English. Until EVP's are interpreted, they will remain "unknown". If you have a translation, please feel free to email us! Click here to contact us!


Unknown voice after Question


SSP- Cats meow (no cats were w/us!)


 As we were leaving a productive investigation at the boarding school Stephanie was the last person in line as we were walking down an outside sidewalk. Stephanie felt as if there was something following her and she quickly snapped this photo behind her. This is the product of that event.