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Guthrey House


South West Residential Home

UPDATE: Over the last few months a lot has taken place at this resdential home. The house has been "cleared", and a few mysteries have been solved.
Since the clearing, some of the "ghosts" have decided to return on occasion, once the property owner feels that another investigation needs to be conducted, we will continue our research. So far, the house is quiet. We hope it stays that way, for the sake of the residents. We will conduct a follow up investigation this Fall. - GHOULI

Home History : The house was built in 1967. When homeowners were signing closing papers for the home, the previous owners did state that there was a "male ghost" in the home. But was not the reason for selling the home as far as they know.

The occurrences began in 1997, once current family started moving into the home. Since 1997 the child that resides at the house has reported a "man in white" in apparition form, shortly after moving in. After a Spiritual Blessing on the house, the occurrences did cease, until 1999, when renovations began on the home. The homeowners have reported paranormal activities such as voices, items being moved, apparitions, footsteps, doors opening & closing in front of them/ door knob movement, visual orbs, heavy communication with young child, shadows, toys moving, odors, loud voices & electronic equipment interference. The occurrences to not scare homeowners, they have reported it to be a nuisance at times, more than anything. No deaths have occurred at the residence. Full apparitions have been seen several times. On our Preliminary investigation, we were able to obtain many light anomalies or orbs on video. These will be posted soon. No EVP was collected. A few photographs were taken, with small orbs.

During the investigation, we witnessed a toy being moved, on command.

This was captured on video.



Male voice Unknown response

Childs "um hum".

Video: Coming soon...

Photographs: Coming soon....

Here is an orb sequence
in one of the childrens bedrooms