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Kasper House EVP

All EVP's are categorized by "Entity Subject" on this page

Entity Subject #1

Subject #1 Childs voice

This is a faint "whine" by Subject #1

Entity Subject #2

You wil here Tonya say "do you want to talk to David?" then you will hear the EVP, it is a complete sentance.

Here you will Hear SUbject #2 introduce herself to us. The tape recorder was under a "surge" at the time, the slower version is posted below.

Same as above, but slowed down.

Here you will hear Subject #2 comment on what she fears our intentions will be.

Entity Subject #3

Here you will hear Tonya say "Glad you could make it up here" then you will here Subject #3' response.

Here you can hear Tony acomment on her leg being asleep, then you will hear subject #3 yell out.

Here you will hear Subject #3 comment about the camera flash from one of the investigators.

Subject #3 adult male, it is unknown to what he is saying.

Entity Subject #4

*NEW* - The BELOW EVP was captured on our last visit to the house.
Both EMF meters were randomly fluctuating with abnormal readings, sometimes spiking to a 7 on the scale.  We asked the spirit to touch the meter again, and you can hear who we feel is the adult female giving permisson to the younger spirit to touch the meter.
"Okay Jenny, touch it"

Okay Jenny, touch it"

*NEW*- The BELOW EVP was a great capture, Tonya had thought she had heard someone say something in the basement, this was a great reassurance to her to have collected the voice she heard on tape.  
You will hear the "Hello", then you will hear Tonya say, "I thought I heard something, Im hearing things"
Note: Its always nice to know that  one is not going crazy. 


Subject #4 found it amusing that Toby was all alone upstairs with a video camera, this EVP was captured on a standard RCA video camera.

Here you can Hear Subject #4 (adult Female) repsond to the Tonya.

Subject #4 comments on the floor panels. (Earlier that evening, investigators spoke about the sounds the floor makes when stepping on a certain area)

Subject #4 greets us, Tonya was incorrect on "who" enters the room.

Here you can here Tony ask Who else is in the room, you will hear Subject #4 respond.

Subject #4 mumbles or hums. Unknown

GHOULI has collected many Class A and Class B EVPs at the Kasper house.
We are fortunate enough to able to categorize them by each particular Entity. There are 4 subjects at this location, and GHOULI has captured all their voices and some personalities on audio tape.
In each subject box you will hear the voices of each entity, some are more talkative than others.

As you will hear, GHOULI has been able to collect some single phrase EVPs along with complete sentences with a particular subject.

On this page, you will also hear what GHOULI refers to as S.S.Ps. (Spontaneous Sound Phenomena)
This will include sounds that have been collected that are just unexplainable.

If you would like to offer your interpretation of each EVP or SSP please visit our Discussion Board. We will not provide our own interpretations.

-----Team GHOULI


S.S.P's (Spontaneous Sound Phenomena)

This SSP was caputred by Toby, you will hear a "whistle".

Another "whistle" captured by Stephanie.

Another SSP Captured by Stephanie.

This SSP sounds like it could be a laugh, the voice does not belong to Team members or the Entitiy Subjects.

You will hear the "woohoo" in this SSP, we feel it may be Subject #1, but not certain.