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Scratch House


Local Oklahoma City Residence   4-29-02

Residential Home -

GHOULI was contacted by property owners, with concerns of paranormal activity. Some of the reports include homeowners adult male & female, getting scratched often, shadows, names being called out, electrical equipment malfunctions & disturbances, unexplainable noises, and intense feelings of being watched.

The homeowners have lived in the home for 4 years, occurrences have been happening since they moved in. Since the "scratching" has started, they have been forced to seek outside help. The house was built in the late 50's, the land was once many acres of farm land, before residential neighborhood was built.


Here are some photographs from the Preliminary Investigation.

Kitchen: where shadows are seen
No anomalies in this photograph

Hallway - the team witnessed a "shadow"
leaving from bedroom to living room. (see video)


Mysterious female laugh