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Penna House


Preliminary Investigation Report - 5/4/02

We arrived at the Penna House around 8pm 5-4-02

Interviews have already been conducted via telephone.

There are 4 residents at this location adult male, female and two boys, ages 11 & 14.

The property owners contacted us, via personal referral.

They have resided at the home for 4 years, it is a rental property.

The landlord has reported that no one has lived in the home for more that 9 months, after he had purchased the property in the 1980s. Lease breakage is common for the residence.

The current residents have learned to live with the paranormal occurrences in this home, just until recently activity has increased. Apparitions are seen very often, by all family members & visitors to the home. Apportions have been seen by many witnesses, and usually two people at a time.

Ghosts have been seen in clear elements, including hair color and clothing details.

Objects are moved almost daily in the home, cold spots, odors, and footsteps.

Our findings: The GHOULI team did not witness any apparitions at this location, but we were able to collect many video orbs, photographs and EVPs that are currently being analyzed.

We did witness cold spots up to a 10-20 degree differential, and sudden wind bursts at the home.

One investigator did get touched by an unknown force and get her shoe untied.

The team did witness a odor, that can only be described as smelly feet, mixed with urine. It was a strong scent, and overpowered those who smelled it. The stench only lasted seconds.

We were able to witness an unknown force, pounding on the kitchen counter top, followed by a burst of cold air. The team also witnessed a male voice yelling at us, but the words were not recognizable. One team member attempted to talk to the male entity, and he was obviously not happy with those attempts. She would enter the room where she felt he was, and then a burst of cold air would be felt at the rooms exits


Unknown Whisper 5-4-02

Disturbing&Unknown to what it says

Not so Nice Male Voice

The last two EVP's listed above were collected in an empty room, with nothing but a tape recorder. We have an idea of what they are saying, but due to the nature of them, they are
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Video Coming Soon!

Here are a few Photos taken on the 5/4/02 Preliminary Investigation

Large Orb captured in Den

Large Orb in Den, second shot from above photo

Large colored Orb in Kitchen (cold spot)

Face in Yellow Hat, interesting photo
Paranormal? you decide.