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Old Yale Theatre




YALE THEATRE Preliminary Investigation-

Investigators Present- Tonya- Toby & Guest- Stephanie & Guest- Tracy- Tammy with EerieOklahoma. Weather conditions- Hot & Humid, slight wind. 90 degrees when inside the theatre 100 degrees.Built in the 1920s in the heart of the old Capitol Hill area of Oklahoma City.Are the remnants of the old Yale Theatre. The building it one of many structures that still remains in tact, and are being renovated for new businesses.There is not a lot of history on the Theatre from the owners. GHOULI was unable to obtain accurate dates & building plans at this time. The theatre has been gutted out; all that remains true to original structure is the stage area, snack bar & ticket booths & walkway railing. The theatre was used for "live" theatre up until the late 20s, we were unable to locate any flyers or programs of the live shows that took place before the theatre was converted into a "film" theatre. As with many live theatres, gossip of scandal & death between actors & actresses linger within the stage walls. There is one rumor where a woman was murdered before she was to headline in a theatre production by her understudy. (There are no facts supporting this allegation). The Theatre boomed for many years, up until the late 1970s. Then as with many theatres, the structure was not taken care of, and soon became a "not so glamorous" movie house. The GHOULI team found proof of the Yales tainted past with old film reels & literature. As it continued to uphold its tainted reputation drugs and gang activity plagued this historic part of town. The theatre closed down in the 80s and sat uninhabited for years. The new owners have cleaned the place up, with the recent Map projects, and the naming of this district to hold a historical title. The building is for lease. (Contact GHOULI) for parties. Oklahomas MidSouth Wrestling matches are held in the theatre these days. There were 2 deaths confirmed at the theatre, related to the wrestling matches. As we investigated the theatre every where we turned, were nostalgic items lay from the past, old film reels, theatre seats, posters and vending equipment hidden within the buildings walls. Personal Reports - Cold spots unexplainable noises. Sense of being watched & followed & faint voices, both male & female.

GHOULI was the first team to conduct an investigation at this location, and we will return this winter for follow-up. While we were investigating, we did witness a couple things that are unexplainable. We did witness cold spots in one room in particular. Fluctuations up to 10 degrees. There are no air sources in this room, and it was extremely hot inside the building. We did get significant EMF readings in certain areas, that are not linked to man made sources. During an EVP session, a few members did report a small burst of air moving north to the stage area. We did hear "tapping" on the stage during the EVP session. An old list of MidSouth wrestlers were found, as we read the names of the wrestlers out loud, a large orb was seen traveling to the stage area, shortly after, and a cool breeze was felt by all of us. Is the Theatre "haunted", well; we did witness a few things that have made us want to return. EVP is still being analyzed. And Photos are posted. Video is also being analyzed. Stay tuned, we will return soon!If you are interested in renting the Theatre for any reason, please contact GHOULI for details.

~Memories From the Past~

Memories from the Past
Projection room



ColdSpots & EMF Readings
We spent a lot of time in this small room, were cold spots were felt & high EMF readings

Stage Orbs
We were about to set up foran EVP session. There is a lot of "odd" reports from the stage area.

One of the small rooms where paranormal reports are common. Faint orb towards the ceiling.