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Stone Lion Inn


Stone Lion Inn
Guthrie Oklahoma

The Haunting-
Located in Guthrie Oklahoma, this charming Bed & breakfast holds a few of Oklahoma's most famous "ghosts".
Becky Lurker, the present owner purchased the house in 1986, and started renovations. After moving into the home, Becky & her family began to hear noises, that could not be explained. Hearing footsteps on the back staircase is a common thing at the Stone Lion, right along with doors opening and closing on thier own. After several phone calls to the local police department, Becky soon realized that they were not entirely alone in the home. On the 3rd floor, wich is now used for storage, noises and strange occurances were very common. Beckys son sotred his toys in one of the closets in this area, he would put them away before bedtime, only to wake the next morning with them scattered about. The rumor of the little girl ghost has been traced to an 8 year old child that lived in the house many years prior. The little girl, named Augusta was very ill, and parished in the home, when given some medication that  was supposed to cure her whooping cough, eventually lead to her death. Augusta is rumored to run the halls, playing with guests and still living life to the fullest within the Stone Lion Inn. The original owner of the home is rumored to haunt the inn just as much as Augusta.  F.E. Houghton, built the home, and has been seen a few times in the basement area and throughout the house. A faint smell of pipe tobacco has been witnessed in one of the front stting rooms of the inn, many guests report strange and spontaneous smells within the home. Some common reports are within one of the guest suites, people report a child like figure tucking them in bed or playing on the bed while they sleep.  Another thing that is rather common is the sound of a wooden play ball rolling across the wooden floors in the hall outside of guests rooms. Although Augusta has never been seen by the guests of the Stone Lion, many people report that they can sense that a child is in the room with them. While some guests and staff experiance
Mr. Houghton more often, a very strong and masculine figure has been seen in the basement area.
The Stone Lion has not always been a Bed & Breakfast, it has been the home of this family, since 1907. The inn was a Funeral home for many years, just one more thing to add to the mystery of the Stone Lion Inn.
If you would like to learn more about the Stone Lion, or book a room please contact Becky Lurker @

Here are a few EVPs that were collected on the Preliminary Investigation. Please offer opinions and interpretations here!

Collecting on the 3rd floor, Tonya was in the infamous closet, where this EVP was picked up. You can hear a female voice whisper "come here, come here".

Click here for EVP

On this clip, Russell is listening to the enviroment with his head phones, you will hear a faint "hey" then you will hear Russell react to what he heard. Then you will hear Tonya ask "what did you hear". For the record Russell did jump a bit when he heard this live

Click here for EVP

This SSP (spontaneous sound phenomena) was collected while we were interviewing one of the staff members at the Stone Lion. You can hear us continue to talk quietly as the noise in the background yelps out.  If we had heard this noise while we were sitting there, we are sure  that one of us would have commented on it. Some say this sounds like a person yelling, while others say it sounds like  a wild turkey. Let us know what you hear!

Click here for SSP


Guests Room
This is the room that has the most activity reported by guests.

3rd Floor
Orbs in motion

3rd Floor
Another Orb in motion