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Northern Oklahoma Mental Hospital


GHOULI is proud to be able to investigate such a magnificent location. We have visited the school during the day and have collected many EVP and unexplainable photographs during our brief visits. We will be conducting a lond term investigation at this location. Historical research is being conducted & documented at OKC's Historical Society. While we stumbled upon this building we realized that the history has not been documented, or has the land been researched fully. This is a blank canvas, and we are excited about working on this project.
We will be conducting a full investigation through the Spring & Summer of 2003. I will post data as it is collected. PLEASE offer any opinions on photo's or EVP. Many EVP we are not able to decipher, so if you have an interpretation, please send them here


Balcony Apparitions???
Some see 3 people standing on the Balcony, what do you see? Let us know!

Image of anomalies on Balcony
Click photo to enlarge & analyze.

Cold Spot Orbs- Two impressive orbs
Another very cold spot in an enclosed room, no drafts were present, about -15 degrees difference.

Yes, its Dust, please read below!

The above two photos are a combined phenomena. Shortly after Tonya noticed the "cold spot"(see above photo), there was a random gust of wind to follow. While standing at the bottom of the stairs, Tonya & Russ both felt to what they believe to be a "Spectral Wind". Tonya stood up and moved away from the stairs, while Russ started to conduct a short EVP Session while the wind was present. Tonya snapped this photograph and captured a lot of dust from the result of the unexplainable wind. The enclosed area that we were sitting in, has no external means for outside ventilation or  wind sources . It is a sealed off area, and a prime location for testing with photos  & EVP. ***Note, the orbs seen in this photo are not those of a "ghost", eventhough there are several very bright orbs in the mix, along with some nice colors.****

Orb & Ballons
Experiment #1 during 5-9-03 Investigation
Unique Orb
Please analyze this photo! This is not a typical orb. Let us know what ya think!

Orb- See comments below.....

The soda can was set up in hopes of it getting kicked over, several times we requested the can be kicked or moved, with no success. After leaving the area, we came  back to see if the can had moved, one photo was taken before entering the room, and the orb was present. The "footstep" SSP was collected at this time, along with dramatic temperature changes in the foyer we were standing in when this photo was taken. Please offer any opinions you may have on this photo.

Is this Mist?
Please analzye this photo!



Mysterious "buzz"

Need some Opinions Please!
This "comment" was recorded by two different audio sources. What was recorded is identical. Female team members voices do not match this potential EVP. Please share your comments or opinions with us.

Wind comment #1

Wind comment #2


Tonya is saying (heavy echo's)  "I wonder if I should leave my camera on the tripod" you will hear the voice respond to her. (EVP Below)

"You'll want to"

BELOW- Rus asks about the elevator, he then says "pardon me" (for some odd reason?) then you will hear the response (evp).
Note: In the other EVP colum on this page, Tonya asks a similar question about the elevator, please listen to the EVP she collected. ------>

Voice answers question (Elevator)

Male voice answering question

Woman's voice after Tonya's

Female voice "go back" (???)

Elevator answer Part II

You wonder what ghosts think of us?

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