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Pucketts Auto & Body Shop



Pucketts Auto Body


GHOULI realizes that a lot of people are eager of this report. But we have to be honest here with our results. First we would like to apologize for the delay of this report. But we have been tracking this video & the reports since it was introduced to the world on September 2002. In this we are not able to report a "haunting" of any kind at Pucketts Auto Body. Our team and a few others that we have worked with stand undecided on this, so without any more substancial evidence of a continous haunting, we have decided not to base our findings on "ghosts" this time around. This will not be an extensive report, because we feel that everyone should make up thier own mind, about this infamous video. Some of the opinions that will be posted are those shared by the GHOULI team, and are not to be taken as slander or any sort of bashing to anyone within the paranormal community. These are our findings, and we have worked really hard not to be influenced by any other team or what they have reported.

GHOULI was contacted in September 2002 to view a survalience video of a possible "ghost" caught on film.

Tonya went to take a look at the video, and was introduced to the media world very quickly, along with the owners and staff of Pucketts Auto body.

GHOULI conducted & assisted a few investigations at this location, no evidence of a haunting was present at any of the many investigations we conducted or assisted in.

Photographs- We did capture a few orbs while at this location, but they were dismissed because of natural elements, such as dust, moisture, reflective objects within the yard, and did we say dust?

Video- We did obtain a few video images of orbs & other light annomalies, but these images were also ruled out because of outside contaminants & the many reflective objects within the yard. Images were easily re-created.

Audio- No EVP were captured at this location.

Other- EMF readings were taken at this location, there is not data to back up any EMF readings that were taken. Temperature readings are not vailid, because this location is outdoors.

The Story behind the video- GHOULI is not making public the details of this story. The family members choose to believe that the image captured is the image of thier loved one who died in a fatal car accident. The victim is believed to have "returned to her vehicle after she had passed away, and her image was caught on tape, while she searched for her truck or personal belongings". *Note, the resemblance of this woman is uncanning, and enough to make you think again*

Is the Video Real?-

The video hase been sent off to many reputable sources within the community. None of these sources have been able to explain the video, much less recreate it. GHOULI assisted well known investigator & author Richard Senate in a recreation experiment of the video. The rumor was that there was a doll like object dangled in front of the camera to create the image of the floating woman. To be honest, using the rumored method and actually witnessing this attempt, is rather amusing. There were no similarities between the actual image & the experiments that took place. GHOULI can report that the fishing line and "doll" theory is not a vaild lead. Video imaging/editing or special effects. This was attempted by many, and digitally recreating the image, without spending thousands of dollars has not been done. Attempts have not shared any similarities so until someone is willing to spend the mounds of money to recreate this effect, the implanted or digitally mastered theory still stands open, where's Hollywood special effect pro's when you need them?

GHOULI feels that Pucketts had no reason to create this image, they are a established local and thriving business , the need for extra publicity is not desired. To create publicity for business has been ruled out by GHOULI, during the media whirlwind the owners stated "we are just ready to get back to normal, and get some work done".

Technical analisis of the video- the video has been sent off to many video editing groups across the nation. None of which can recreate or explain the video on a technical level, as of date the video still stand as "unexplainable". Video Survalence specialists have been contacted, and were not able to explan the video. If you can offer an explanation of this video or a valid claim in recreating the video, please contact GHOULI ASAP.


Our Two Cents- The "haunting" of Pucketts. We found no evidence of continuous haunting at this location. We feel that the image was a once in a lifetime glimpse of the possiblity of ghostly phenomena . The video has raised a few eyebrows in the paranormal community, and within the general public. We have obtained & witnessed many "psychic" reports that the woman in the video still resides at the salvage yard along with other "ghosts", we found no substancial evidence to back up this claim. There are no reports of any other paranormal activity from Pucketts staff in the past or the present, and the image has yet to return on the survailence cameras, and the folks who monitor this equiptment, are watching a little more carefully these days. The video as of date, is one of the most compelling pieces of "ghost" activity that we have witnessed. Until the video is explained, we can only believe that the video is authentic, and truely unexplainable in this community. GHOULI has developed a friendship with the owner of Pucketts, and we are updated as the video thrives to be explained. In closing, there have been many teams that have investigated this location, and there have been reports that the "lady in the video" is still there. Because the video was nationally publisized, and the personal story involved, any "psychic" impressions taken are difficult to accept as vailid information to this case.






NOTICE:  You must obtain written permission to show this video on your website. This video is copywritten by (c) Pucketts Auto Body & Salvage CPuckett. Publishing this video without written consent from C. Puckett is illegal, and violators will be pursued.
Feel free to analyze this version, but sharing files is prohibited.

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